E153 Turbo Half Shaft Axles with CV Joints (Fits LSD and NONLSD Stubs)


These axles are very hard to find as no other manufacturer makes these axles. If it is still available at Toyota, it is ridiculously priced at $500+ oer one, that is if they still have them in stock. If they are available at generic parts stores, it is the wrong axle (they will ship you a NON Turbo Axle, 100% every time)

Low stock!


  1. Picture is of a typical rebuilt half shaft axle with CV joints.
  2. Fits both ABS and NON ABS MR2 applications without modifications necessary.
  3. Stubs are NOT included (please see our other thread if you need them)
  4. Price is per 1. If you need 2, please order 2.
  5. Rebuild Kits and brand new custom axles are available at www.MR2Heaven.com if needed
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